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Applications will open after Labor Day.  Please check back in the summer for more details.



Mon. June 26: First day of summer program!

Thurs. June 29: Nap & Toileting Workshop - Session 1: 9:15AM-10:30AM, Session 2: 5:00PM-6:15PM - Hudson Street




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Duane Street Location

Our Duane Street location offers half-day sessions in the morning (9am ‐ 12pm) and afternoon (1pm ‐ 4pm) both sessions are for 5 days a week. Children who attend Duane Street must be at least 2 years old by September 30 of the year they start school, but do not need to be toilet trained. 

Hudson Street Location

Our Hudson Street location offers 5-day sessions for toilet‐trained children.  Most of the classrooms at Hudson Street are for full day children (9-3). There are also some half day sessions at this location (9-12) and (1-4). Children who attend Hudson Street are between 3 years and 5.02 years in September the year they begin school. 

After School Program

In 2015/16 we are excited to introduce our after school program that will run until 6pm at the Hudson Street location. More information on this program will be given druing your tour. 



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