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Applications will open after Labor Day.  Please check back in the summer for more details.



Mon. June 26: First day of summer program!

Thurs. June 29: Nap & Toileting Workshop - Session 1: 9:15AM-10:30AM, Session 2: 5:00PM-6:15PM - Hudson Street





October 2011 Newsletter 

A Note from Ronnie

While sailing in Maine and photographing a regatta, I started thinking that running a school is, in some ways, like racing a sailboat…

While the captain is clearly the leader, the boat can function in two ways:
A captain can be controlling and demanding and not trustful of her crew (sometimes this is legitimate as some crews aren’t competent and fully involved).

But a boat sails much faster, effortlessly and calmly, when the crew is smart, knows their job, and is fully committed to sailing the boat as well as possible.

In that case, the captain just needs to keep her hands on the wheel, make an occasional suggestion and let the crew do its job. That is how I feel about our school, the WMS team has made my job as easy as it can be. When we look at these boats, there is a sense of calm and purpose, no one is frantic. These boats are boats that are sailing well. That’s how I feel about our crew. As you all know, we sail extremely well together.

In this Issue:

1. Calendar of Events
2. News
3. Admissions update
4. Welcome to the world
5. Capital Campaign Update




Calendar of Events

What’s happening in October..

October 4th

On-going schools meeting, Hudson St: 9.30am -11.00am (Everything you want to know about ongoing schools)

October 5th

Duane St Parents Night:
Classes 1& 5 AM: 5pm
Classes 1 & 5 PM: 6.30pm

October 6th

Read for the Record: Llama Llama Red Pajama

October 6th

Parents Night Duane Street
Classes 2,3,4 & 6 AM: 5pm
Classes 2,3,4 PM: 6.30pm

October 7th

Mug n’ Muffin, Duane St: 9.30am -10.30am

October 10th

Columbus Day – School Closed

October 18th

On-going schools meeting, Hudson St: 7pm – 8.30pm (Returning parents speak)

October 25th

Hudson Street Studio Night: 6pm - 7.30pm

 And here’s what’s coming up in November...

Hudson Street Pot Luck Dinner
Book Fair
Bake Sale
New York City Coat Drive

We are looking for volunteers to staff our book sale on Nov 16/17th if you would like to sign up please contact our Co-Chairs, Cheryl Ip D’Hollander & Lisa Hofer

Or, if you would like to volunteer for any of these activities please let our school coordinator know:

 The Cloisters….

We started the new year with our annual retreat. This year it was at the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park, New York. Despite the rainy weather it was an inspirational day. We learned more about Medieval Art, enjoyed a great meal, recounted our summer adventures and worked on our team and individual goals for the 2011-2012 school year.



It seemed like everyone wanted to get in on the fun of our first day at school! Even Macy’s best friend, yellow lab, Marley, tried to join the fun in Classroom A.

Jumpstart’s Read for the Record

On October 6th all the classrooms at WMS will read Llama Llama Red Pajama. The campaign we support early literacy programs in low income communities. To learn more visit

Ongoing Schools Meeting

In October we will give two ongoing schools meetings which give parents information on public schools, gifted & talent programs and entry into Private School. Please join us

Preliminary Meeting: Tuesday October 4th @ 9.30am (Drama Room Hudson St)

Evening with Returning Parents: Tuesday October 18th @ 7.00pm – 8.30pm

Re-zoning of Public Schools Downtown

Re-zoning has been proposed for most of Downtown’s district 2. This will effect some families in our community. We are tracking changes as they happen and we will be able to give you an update during our ongoing school meetings in October. You may also choose to attend these public proposal meetings:

Lower Manhattan
Tues, Oct 4th @ 6:30 PM
PS 234 Auditorium
292 Greenwich St.
Upper East Side
Thurs, Oct 6th @ 6:30 PM
PS 158 Auditorium
1458 York Ave. @ 77th St.
West Village/Chelsea
Tues, Oct 11th @ 6:30 PM
PS 11 Auditorium
320 W21st St. (8th/9th Ave)

Admissions Update

The 2012-2013 admissions season is in full swing, and the Admissions Office has a few important announcements for all parents concerning sibling/legacy admissions as well as WMS returning families for the 2012-2013 school year.

For all parents wishing to enroll a sibling or legacy child for next September, please submit your tour request online as soon as possible. The Admissions Office will contact each family individually about tours (families with children currently attending Duane Street do not need a Duane Street tour for their younger child). We do need a request form for every child wishing to apply, so please visit our website today to let us know about your younger sibling and legacy children:

Please remind other sibling/legacy families you know who wish to apply that it is very important to submit this form as soon as possible. Thank you for helping us reach out to all of our families, both past and present.

The Session Choice Forms for returning students for Fall 2012 will be sent out on Wednesday, January 4, 2012. Duane Street parents who are interested in having their child attend Hudson Street next year are welcome to attend a tour at Hudson Street (this is not a requirement to attend Hudson Street, but all families are welcome to visit). Please call the Admissions Office (212 406 7271) as soon as possible if you are interested in attending one of these tours.

Welcome to the world

Congratulations to…

  • Samaya Elina (Classroom 3) on becoming a big sister to baby brother Milan Dev.
  • Lila (Classroom F) on becoming a big sister & Roko (Classroom 6) on becoming a big brother to baby brother Santana.
  • Jasper (Classroom G/H) on becoming a big brother to baby brother Hudson.
  • Greta (Classroom A) on becoming a big sister to baby brother Teddy.
  • Julian (Classroom A) on becoming a big brother to baby sister Saskia.
  • Ryker (Classroom A) on becoming a big brother to baby sister Angie.
  • Olwyn (Classroom E) on becoming a big sister to baby brother Monte.
  • Chase (Classroom 2) on becoming a big brother to sister Mackenzie.
  • Honor (Classroom 2) on becoming a big sister to twin baby sisters Evie & Dahlila.

Capital Campaign Update

Dear WMS Families,

Last year at this time, the doors were opening for the first time on the expanded Duane Street Site, the new classrooms, new music room, new art room, new gym and newly designed spaces in the original smaller space. The vision, strength and dedication of 36 years of commitment to a community and its children is what made it possible!

The result of the WMS mission and vision has an impact on every one of the WMS families - whether they are alumni families or returning who have reaped the rewards of this program, new families who are experiencing it for the first time or those families who will experience it in the future. The generosity of this community as witnessed in its financial commitment to the Capital Campaign for the Expansion of Duane Street has been inspiring, encouraging and a testament to the belief in the importance of this program for our children.

On behalf of the Capital Campaign Committee, we would like to express our sincerest thank you to all of those whose leadership and generosity have enabled this Campaign to reach the $950,000 mark as of today.

Each time we receive a pledge and note expressing a willingness and desire to contribute to this Campaign, there is a sense of completeness and togetherness. Each and every pledge is a tribute to the school and its relevance in each families life. It is also a reassurance that the children following theirs and ours will be graced with the same important empowering experiences for decades to come.

Welcome Home! Welcome back! Welcome to the WMS Family! We look forward talking to you! We look forward to having 100% participation! We look forward to celebrating when we reach our goal of $1,250,000! And we have complete confidence!

Sarah Dhar (P '09 & P '11) and Michael Katz (P '09 & '10)
Capital Campaign Co-Chairs

For more information, or to make a pledge please contact Sarah Dhar at 212-920-9575 or Michael Katz at or 917-543-8505.

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