STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

July 2022


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A Letter from Nurse Cheryl: 12/5/20

Hello Washington Market Families.

As the holidays approach many of us will be making plans to be with friends, to travel, or even if travel is not in the picture, to spend more time with those we love and care about. This more intense socialization is likely to lead to a spike in COVID-19 cases over the coming weeks and we are taking steps to soften the possible impact of such a spike.

For this reason, many schools have chosen to remain closed the week following New Years from January 4th through January 8th. As you know, the Washington Market School will reopen on January 4th for our students through remote learning only, as we felt this was the most logical way to keep our students, staff and community healthy. This extra week will allow individuals time to be tested, if they feel the need, and give everyone a time to return to our safest practices of social distancing, avoiding gatherings and refraining from socializing with those outside of our usual pods. Careful choices for adult and child playdates are essential.

As the holidays draw near and this year comes to an end I am optimistic that 2021 will be brighter! I wish you all a joyous and peaceful holiday season, but let us not let our guard down. Stay mindful, as I truly feel we are almost at the finish line. We can do this!

Nurse Cheryl

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