Learn more about 2021 WMS Summer CampCLICK HERE

Learn more about 2021 WMS Summer CampCLICK HERE

Learn more about 2021 WMS Summer CampCLICK HERE

April 2021


School Reopens ONLINE For Children And Staff


8:00p: Virtual Parent Chess Night


Hudson Parent Teacher Conferences — NO REMOTE SCHOOL for Hudson Students only


School Reopens IN PERSON For Children And Staff


Duane & Online Conference Week — School Open for Duane Students


1:00p-2:00p: Parent Workshop with Eva Peck


Room to Grow Toy & Clothes Drive


Memorial Day

School Closed


Last Day Of School For Children


First Day Of Summer Program


Independence Day Weekend

Summer Program Closed


Last Day Of Summer Program

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A Message from Ronnie

Dear WMS Community,

We were saddened to find that we had positive Covid-19 test results in two classes this week, one at Hudson Street and one at Duane Street. We were notified by our testing lab about the positive results this morning at 8:25 and immediately began the process of alerting the entire school community. We are sorry we were not able to do so earlier. Some of the delay was inevitable, as positive tests for two classes required many additional tests needed to be conducted to find the positive individuals from their identified pools. We are working with FedEx, who delivers the swab samples to the lab, and with JCM Analytics, to see if there is a safe way to expedite the process without sacrificing accuracy.

Our school continues to follow both DOH and CDC guidelines and so had to close both sites for today and Thursday for deep cleaning. (see attached document at this link).

While the safest cleaning protocols require the 48 hour shutdown for any positive case, we want to maintain contact with our families during this period. To that end, all classes at our Duane and Hudson sites will have their regular morning meeting online tomorrow and any scheduled studio class will also be available.

Both sites will be physically open on Friday except for the two classes in which a positive test was found. Again following DOH guidelines, these two classes will have to quarantine for 14 days. These classes will be able to physically return on Tuesday, March 9th. The full online program for each of these classes will begin this Friday, February 26th.

To maintain continuing vigilance over our entire two sites, we are asking that our two closed classes send in their nasal swab samples next week, with the exception of the individuals who tested positive this week. For those two classes, please bring them to your respective sites between 9:30 and 10am on Monday, March 1st. This is not mandatory but a request and your participation will be very much appreciated.

Most of all, we want to thank our families, especially those who had already lined up to enter the school, for their graciousness and cooperation in accepting that we could not allow their children into the school today. Without this strong, positive support, WMS would not be able to thrive so well.

We remain together,

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