Spring Break is soon! Monday, March 20th - Friday, March 31st

Spring Break is soon! Monday, March 20th - Friday, March 31st

Spring Break is soon! Monday, March 20th - Friday, March 31st

April 2023


WMS Reopens for Children


Good Friday - School Closed


Rachel Henes Parent Workshop (Virtual)

Beyond Stereotypes: Understanding Gender, Socialization & Development


Time: 8.00 p.m. Sign up via newsletter.


Parent Teacher Conferences - School Closed for Children


Room to Grow Book & Toy Drive


April Mug & Muffin (AM)

Location: 134 Duane St. Time: 9.15 - 10.15 a.m.


All welcome. Meet with Carrie & Heather to discuss parenting. Sign up via the newsletter


WMS Art Show

55 Hudson St. More details to follow in the weekly newsletter.


May Mug & Muffin (PM)

Location: 55 Hudson St. Time: 1.15 - 2.15 p.m.


All welcome. Meet with Carrie & Maria to discuss parenting. Sign up via the newsletter


Memorial Day - School Closed


WMS Street Fair


Last Day of School for Children


First Day of WMS Summer Program


Independence Day - School Closed


Last Day of WMS Summer Program

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About Admissions

Thank you for your interest in The Washington Market School.

Our Philosophy

We have a unique approach to admissions. It is our goal to have each parent experience the school through the eyes of their children.

Just like our curriculum, our admission process is rooted in connection and curiosity. Instead of interviews and assessments, our process aligns with our values and focuses on our community. 

After submitting an application, parents are invited to a school visit. During your school visit, parents learn, observe, and then participate in a conversation with our admissions team and educators together.

Our thoughtful process is designed to be inclusive, inspire confidence, and allow parents to experience how it feels to be a part of The Washington Market School.

We Don't Interview Children

We believe that formally interviewing and assessing children at this age is not informative. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed and our teachers are highly trained to skillfully meet children where they are, which means our children are considered “ready” simply by virtue of joining our community.  

There are countless benefits to focusing on conversation and connection rather than formal interviews and testing. To us, the most important benefit is that prospective parents gain an authentic understanding of The Washington Market School experience and how truly special it is to be a part of our community.

The School Visit

The best way to experience The Washington Market School is to visit. Once inside our two uniquely beautiful sites, you will see children deeply engaged in their thoughtfully curated classrooms and witness extraordinary creativity in every learning space throughout. Prospective parents will leave having gained a comprehensive understanding of the child-centered mission of The Washington Market School, the breadth of our offerings, and a clear picture of our thoughtful approach to bringing Maria Montessori’s time-tested philosophy and the Reggio Emila methodology to life for our children ages 2-5.

Classroom Observation & Group Discussion

This part of the school visit is focused on your family’s values and your child’s age group. As part of your school visit, you will be invited to observe a classroom in real time. The observation allows parents to see what is actually happening within the classroom walls – you will experience just how special and meaningful it is to be immersed in The Washington Market School learning environment amongst peers and teachers.

Following the classroom observation, parents will spend time together participating in a group discussion facilitated by members of our Enrollment and Leadership Teams. Not only does this conversation provide meaning and context for your observation, but it also allows our prospective parents to gain clarity about the culture of The Washington Market School and how it will be a fit for their family.

We understand that choosing a preschool in New York City can feel overwhelming, and we value the opportunity to serve as your guide while you engage in our thoughtful admissions process.


The Washington Market School is deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. We understand that the impact of a long history of injustice cannot be fixed overnight. We can, however, dedicate ourselves to fostering a community where love and kindness guide our work toward a more just and equitable society. We embrace diversity in many forms, including but not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, family structure, religion, ethnic or national origin and socioeconomic status. It is our goal to serve every member of our community with the promise that who they are will be respected and appreciated at The Washington Market School. As we work toward this goal, we are listening to underrepresented perspectives, examining our own biases, and learning how to grow.

As an ISAAGNY school, The Washington Market School is committed to the ISAAGNY non-discriminatory policy.  WMS also acts in accordance with the requirements of Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended.


If you have any questions, please connect with the Enrollment Team at 212-233-2176 or email admissions@wms-nyc.org

Lauren Gilbertson
Director of Enrollment

Emma Rothstein
Enrollment Associate



Application Process

When you are ready to get started, we will be here to guide you through each step.

From the moment you complete your application to the first day of school, the Admissions and Enrollment Team is here to guide you. Our goal is that you feel informed, confident, and encouraged throughout this entire process.

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