Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

June 2023


Last Day of School for Children


First Day of WMS Summer Program


Independence Day - School Closed


Last Day of WMS Summer Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions & Enrollment

What is the application process for The Washington Market School?

Please visit our Admissions page to learn more about our admissions process.

Do you hold interviews during the application process?

At The Washington Market School, it is important for parents to get to know our school and our community. As such, we require parents to participate in a school visit which includes a group interview for parents only as part of the application process.  During the school visit, parents will have opportunities to meet with different members of The Washington Market School team and community.  Parents will also have the opportunity to observe teachers and currently enrolled children in their beautiful classrooms.

We believe that formally interviewing and assessing children at this age is not informative. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed and our teachers are highly trained to skillfully meet children where they are, which means our children are considered “ready” simply by virtue of joining our community.  

There are countless benefits to focusing on conversation and connection rather than formal interviews and testing. To us, the most important benefit is that prospective parents gain an authentic understanding of The Washington Market School experience and how truly special it is to be a part of our community.

Is there financial assistance available?

We are committed to economic diversity in our community, and believe finances should not be a barrier to attending school. As a non-profit, we have the privilege of being able to raise funds every year for our Tuition Assistance program. You can find out more here.

Do you give preference to siblings and legacies? If my child has sibling status, am I guaranteed a spot?

We do our best to accommodate every sibling after placing our returning students. We may not always be able to offer your choice of session.

Are applications considered on a first come, first served basis?

Every family with a child who is eligible to apply and submits a completed application form by the deadline will be invited for a school visit and considered for admission. Admission to the school is not dependent on when you submit an application or when you visit as long as both are completed within the deadlines.

Do you accept first-choice letters or letters of recommendation?

The Washington Market School does not require either of these items. However, any additional information sent to the Enrollment Office will be added to your file.

My child will turn 2 years old just after the age deadline. Can we still tour and apply?

Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to this date. To apply, your child must be 2 years old by September 30 of the year they start school. It is important that we adhere to our cut-off dates for consistency and fairness among families. However, we look forward to receiving your application the following year!

I applied to WMS last year. Do I have to re-apply this year?

Yes, you will have to complete a new application form and return to us for a school visit. We look forward to getting to know your family better. 

What are your tuition rates?

You can find our most up to date tuition information here. Tuition rates are subject to change from year to year.

What if I need more information about admissions?

Please read over the Admissions portion of our website. If your questions are not answered in this section, please contact our Enrollment Office by email at admissions@wms-nyc.org or by phone at 212-233-2176. Due to the large number of inquiries we receive during the admissions season, please allow up to three days for us to respond.