Learn more about our search for a new Head of SchoolCLICK HERE

Learn more about our search for a new Head of SchoolCLICK HERE

Learn more about our search for a new Head of SchoolCLICK HERE

June 2021


First Day Of Summer Program


Independence Day Weekend

Summer Program Closed


Last Day Of Summer Program

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Additional Programs These programs are suspended for the 2020-21 school year

Enrich your child’s school experience with supplemental programs outside of normal
school hours.

Enrichment Opportunities

Early morning classes, after-school sessions, summer
programs & more give students additional time to learn
while supporting a range of family schedules.

Early Arrival

Students who enroll in our early arrival program participate in structured activities from 8AM. This offers a convenient option for early risers and families who need an earlier drop-off time.

Summer Camp

Our summer program includes fun, creative opportunities to learn, along with seasonal activities and outings. Summer camp can be especially helpful for young learners new to WMS.

After School

Our convenient after-school classes let students build on the skills they learn during the day. Choose between a 5-day enrollment option or enroll in specific after-school classes.


With our daytime chess curriculum as a foundation, students spend after-school hours playing in small groups, learning strategies, and creating stories with each game.


Why walk when you can hop, roll and cartwheel? We partnered with the experts at Gymstars to create a fun, safe and active after-school gymnastics curriculum.


The after-school music program enhances the music experience offered during regular school hours as students explore new instruments, songs and ideas.


Offered in partnership with Soccer Shots, our students learn teamwork, gain motor skills and have fun with expert coaching, resulting in confidence on and off the field.