Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

June 2023


Last Day of School for Children


First Day of WMS Summer Program


Independence Day - School Closed


Last Day of WMS Summer Program

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Creating the best experience for every student, through daily opportunities to learn
and explore.

Find Your Program

Expertly created to nurture and support children, our classes
are customized for different schedules and age groups.

Half Day

Half day classes engage in the same rich curriculum as that of the full day program but does not include lunch and rest. Half day students have a studio class and gym time every day. Our half day program includes both mixed age classrooms and a Young 2’s program that specifically focuses on the developmental needs of our youngest students.

  • The Half Day program is offered for students ages 2 to 5 at 134 Duane Street.
  • Children attend a half-day session from either 8:45AM-12PM or 12:55PM-4PM, 5 days a week.
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Full Day

Full day classes offer a comprehensive curriculum, lunch and rest time every afternoon. Students participate in structured activities as they observe, explore, ask questions, and connect. Children participate in a studio class and have gym time or a trip to the park every day. Our full day classes are all mixed-age classrooms and offer many developmental benefits. Students help each other, mentor one another and learn from their younger and older peers.

  • The Full Day program is offered for potty-trained students ages 3 to 5 at 55 Hudson Street.
  • Children attend a full-day session from 9AM-3PM, 5 days a week.
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A note about Half Days

Because of the large number of sibling and legacy students, new families are typically offered the afternoon session, from 1PM-4PM. Although afternoon sessions often require some scheduling adjustments, many of our afternoon parents appreciate spending relaxing mornings as a family, form close bonds with other new families, and find that their children are still able to meaningfully engage in school activities.

From our Community

“School admissions can be daunting in NYC, but somehow Washington Market felt different – thoughtful, kind and caring. The process felt more like a conversation about the best interests of our children and family rather than an evaluation.”

“One of the things that we found so special about Washington Market is how exactly right it was for our two very different children - it has been a magical place for our kids to grow.”

“WMS is a warm and wonderful environment where children are encouraged to explore, learn and have fun. The school is its own force field of positive energy and love.”

Additional Programs

We offer early morning sessions, after-school enrichment courses and summer programs.

Extended day and summer programming offers additional learning opportunities including gymnastics, music, soccer and chess while providing more support to parents’ schedules.

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