STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

July 2022


INDEPENDENCE DAY — Summer Camp Closed


Last Day of Summer Program

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Educational Guidance

A well-rounded program with tools and resources to help students be their best.

Counseling, Seminars and More

Preschool is a significant time for growth, learning and experience.
Every step of the way, our community is here for you.

Because of our extensive growth resources, guidance and community events, the Washington Market School experience doesn’t stop when students leave the classroom.

We foster conversations between parents, host events and bring in professionals who are experts in their fields—from a dedicated school psychologist to specialists on social and emotional development in early learners.

Parent Community

Parents are invited to join us for Mug & Muffin events every week.

This informational hour offers a chance for families to connect and discuss various parenting topics that are top of mind. You’ll hear from educators and leaders, and get a chance to communicate with other parents and caregivers.

Seminars On Social And Emotional Intelligence

Experts work with children, parents and educators to develop healthy, caring and connected students and communities.

In partnership with Hallways, an independent organization dedicated to helping students develop social and emotional intelligence at school, we hold seminars and experiential programs to foster growth.

School Psychologists

Access to a dedicated school psychologist means consistent support, and answers to your questions in real time.

It helps to have an expert on hand—whether you have questions about your child’s behavior, want to foster communication, or help your child develop strong self-awareness and self-regulation skills.

School-Wide Seminars

Three times a year, we get together to learn about the NYC school system and how to apply for kindergarten.

After 45 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about NYC schools. Kindergarten is an important time for their wellbeing (and yours!) and with so many options and processes, it’s crucial to find the right fit.


We work with every child and family from day one to prepare students for wellbeing and success when they reach kindergarten.

In addition to our group seminars, we start the exmissions process early—getting to know your child and family while developing connections to help find the best fit after graduation.

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