Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

Celebrating 47 Years of The Washington Market School at ourStreet Fair on Saturday, June 3rd!

June 2023


Last Day of School for Children


First Day of WMS Summer Program


Independence Day - School Closed


Last Day of WMS Summer Program

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Almost five decades of exmissions excellence brought to bear for each individual child.

The Exmissions Process

Exmissions is more than a list of schools. It’s a collaborative process that
begins the moment your child is accepted, and ends with the perfect fit.

Step 1

The lay of the land

To navigate the kindergarten application process, parents must first understand it. We begin our exmissions process with a comprehensive seminar that covers application requirements, deadlines, and every option parents will want to consider. Fueled by almost five decades of exmissions experience, this seminar provides a thorough overview of navigating the complexities of New York City’s vast school system.

Step 2

Creating a plan

In preparation for application season, we hold 1:1 meetings with parents to identify an optimal list of schools for their child. We account for religious and geographic restrictions, leveraging our understanding of each child’s unique strengths and interests to give each family a strategically-sound playbook for success.

Step 3

Submitting applications

From touring and interviewing to recommendation letters and the applications themselves, we guide each family through their own unique application process. We not only help you stay on top of deadlines and technicalities — we’re there to provide feedback and help make strategic adjustments at every step.

Step 4

The strategy session

Once all applications have been submitted, our exmissions team will regroup with each family to reassess their exmissions strategy. We may add or remove target schools based on feedback from parents and admissions directors.

Step 5

The ISAAGNY School Report

For children applying to independent schools, we develop a comprehensive, confidential report. With inputs from teachers and administrators, we produce detailed written evaluations to make sure your child is understood.

Step 6

School correspondences

Choosing where to send the first choice letter is just one of the strategically critical correspondances parents will need to navigate. We assist parents in gathering professional references, writing parent statements, and ensuring you’re communicating with the right people at the right schools.

Step 7

The final choice

Once schools have mailed out decisions, we help families make their final choice. If additional considerations (i.e. waitlists) come into play, we work behind the scenes to expedite the process and secure the best outcome for your child.

Children from The Washington Market School have been
accepted to the following schools over the last few years:

  • A
  • Allen – Stevenson School
  • Avenues
  • B
  • BASIS School
  • Bank Street School
  • Berkeley Carroll School
  • Brearley School
  • British International School
  • Brooklyn Friends School
  • Browning School
  • Buckley School
  • C
  • Chapin School
  • City & Country
  • Collegiate School
  • Columbia Grammar
  • Convent of Sacred Heart
  • D
  • Dalton School
  • Dwight School
  • E
  • Ethical Culture School
  • F
  • Fieldston School
  • French American School of New York
  • Friends Seminary
  • G
  • Grace Church School
  • Greenvale School
  • Greenwich Country Day
  • H
  • Hewitt School
  • Hunter College Elementary School
  • I
  • IDEAL School
  • L
  • Leman Manhattan
  • Little Red School House
  • Lycee Francais
  • M
  • Mary McDowell School
  • Marymount School
  • N
  • New Caanan Country Day
  • Nightingale-Bamford School
  • P
  • Packer Collegiate Institute
  • Poly Prep Country Day School
  • Portfolio School
  • R
  • Riverdale School
  • Rumsey Hall School
  • Rye Country Day School
  • S
  • Spence School
  • Speyer Legacy School
  • St. Ann’s School
  • St. Bernard’s School
  • St. David’s School
  • St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s
  • St. Luke’s School
  • T
  • Town School
  • Trinity School
  • U
  • United Nations International School
  • V
  • Village Community School
  • W
  • Winchester Thurston School
  • -