STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

STREET FAIR MOVED TO SATURDAY MAY 14TH!Click here for more info!

May 2022


8:00-9:15p: Change Starts At Home: Parenting for a More Just World with Rachel Henes


Small Works 31 — Art Show


MEMORIAL DAY — School Closed


Last Day of School for Children


Last Day of School for Staff


First Day of Summer Program


INDEPENDENCE DAY — Summer Camp Closed


Last Day of Summer Program

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From the Classroom

Introducing Susan Bertram: Librarian and Extended Day Teacher

We are excited to introduce you to Susan Bertram, our new librarian and extended day teacher. Susan radiates positive energy and a love for literacy that is a true gift to the students at WMS. Ahead of our Virtual Book Fair, Susan and Julia Austen-Brown (Events & Community Coordinator) have been working hard to make this celebration of books an event for the entire WMS community.

Did you know Susan has been teaching for over 30 years and even was a preschool director abroad? To learn more about Susan, our librarian and extended day teacher, please read this brief interview!

What do you do at WMS?
Librarian, Extended day teacher

Where did you grow up? What was your childhood like?
I grew up in Toledo, Ohio with lots of outdoor play. When inside, my nose was in a Beverly Cleary or Judy Blume book. My parents owned an art glass gallery where my father was the resident glass artisan.

How did you end up joining the WMS community?
After teaching for 33 years as a preschool teacher, which coincided with a six year stint as a preschool director in Australia, I wanted to try something slightly different! It has been a logical and perfect segue in my career.

What’s your favorite thing about WMS so far?
The supportive staff and wonderful children.

What’s the best memory you have from when you were in preschool?
In preschool at age 4, I remember acting out Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina with my classmates. I remember being one of the monkeys sitting up on top of the indoor wooden monkey bars, shaking my finger at the peddler and saying “tsz, tsz, tsz.”

What advice would you give to parents about generating a love for books and reading from an early age?
Take children’s books everywhere – to the restaurant, to the park, on the airplane or subway, read whenever there is quiet downtime. And if you haven’t already, make bedtime stories part of the nightly routine. Find literature that connects your child to his/her interests/passions. Notice environmental print with your child. Make reading contextual, organic, purposeful, and fun. Reading is meant to be enjoyed!

Favorite children’s book?
In preschool, I always wanted my mom to read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss at bedtime. So why Green Eggs and Ham? As an adult I would probably say that it was for the fun rhyming words or for the overt message of being a risk taker, but I suspect it was really because it took so long to read!

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